1. Something To Write Home About
  2. Listen to the Piano Man
  3. Here's Looking At You
  4. Warm Goes to Warm See All 2
  5. Hamptons Blues
  6. People, Places, Things
  7. Always December
  8. It's Love... or Not!
  9. My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own
  10. Certain People
  11. Sentimental Thing
  12. Looking for New Ways
  13. Lights on, Nobody Home
  14. Paris in the Snow
  15. You Know What?

Whyte on Whyte

By Ronny Whyte

Audiophile Records


Pianist, singer and composer Ronny Whyte records 15 of his original songs, in the tradition of the classic American popular song, with Boots Maleson on bass and David Silliman on drums. Guests include Dominick Farinacci on trumpet and Lou Caputo on sax.



Ronny Whyte – piano and vocals
Boots Maleson- bass
David Silliman – drums
Dominick Farinnaci – trumpet
Michelle Ramo – guitar
Lou Caputo – alto sax and flute
with John Bunch