Soft Whyte

Soft Whyte

Track List:

  1. Are You With Me?
  2. If I Should Lose You
  3. Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye
  4. Love Is Here To Stay
  5. Forget the Woman
  6. Sometimes When You Are Lonely
  7. Can’t Get Out Of This Mood
  8. Some Other Time
  9. On My Way to You
  10. Penny for Your Thoughts, New York
  11. Alone Together
  12. I Watch You Sleep
  13. What a Way to Go
  14. How Deep Is The Ocean?
  15. It’s the Going Home Together
  16. You Are There


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Label: Audiophile
Released: 1994


Ronny Whyte With Strings


Ronny Whyte (vocals, piano)
Gene Bertoncini (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
Eddie Daniels (flute, clarinet)
Dan Barrett (trombone)
Warren Chiasson (vibraphone)
Joe Cocuzzo (drums)
Butch Miles (drums)