Thanks For The Memory

Thanks For The Memory

Track List:

  1. You Do Something To Me
  2. It’s De-Lovely
  3. The Lady’s In Love with You
  4. I Can’t Get Started
  5. You’ve Got That Thing
  6. How’dja Like To Love Me?
  7. Road To Morocco
  8. You Smell So Good
  9. You’re Devastating
  10. Love Me As I am
  11. Buttons and Bows
  12. Two Sleep People
  13. Let’s Begin
  14. Thanks For the Memory
  15. You’ve Got Something
  16. Christmas Lamplight / Silver Bells


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Pianist/vocalist Ronny Whyte presents a wonderful tribute to the legendary singer/comedian Bob Hope. Ronny is adventurous enough to make Bob’s songs his own while keeping the Hope spirit intact. He’s joined by guests Joyce Breach, Barbara Lea, Daryl Sherm Personnel includes: Joyce Breach, Barbara Lea, Daryl Sherman, Marlene VerPlanck, Boots Maleson, Taro Okamoto.


Ronny Whyte – Vocals, Piano
Boots Maleson – Bass
Taro Okamoto – Drums
Joyce Breach – Vocals
Barbara Lea – Vocals
Daryl Sherman – Vocals
Marlene Ver Planck – Vocals